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Rebecca Ann Collins

The Legacy of Pemberley


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Return to the halls  of Pemberley one last time- in  The Legacy of Pemberley .


It has been fifty years since Mr Darcy took Elizabeth Bennet as his bride, and through half a century of both true happiness and difficult trials , their love has never faltered.


When Charles Bingley’s declining health, forces Darcy and Elizabeth to accompany their dear friends to Europe, it falls to the next generation to continue  the legacy of love and family loyalty  that their parents have established over a lifetime at Pemberley.


Romance and intrigue are on the menu as they were in all Jane Austen’s novels and so are a range of fascinating new characters. Reunions of old friends go hand in hand with the introduction of new adversaries and some hidden secrets come to light as the stories unfold.


But, as this chronicle comes to a close, the sadness of parting is tempered not only by splendid memories, but the knowledge that the real legacy of Pemberley will live far beyond the written page. As with Miss Austen herself, Ms Collins shows us that it lies not in broad acres and stately homes, material wealth or political power, but in the deeply satisfying values and conduct of the men and women whose stories are told  with honesty, affection and humour.

The Pemberley Chronicles