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Rebecca Ann Collins

The Pemberley Chronicles Series


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Review - The Pemberley Chronicles

Review from Book News /1998 -

The Pemberley Chronicles is an attempt by author- Rebecca Ann Collins  to place the characters of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice in their original context- 19th century England, and observe them in the turbulent and dynamic period of history that followed the defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo.

The main characters- Darcy, Elizabeth, Jane, Bingley, the Gardiners, Bennets, Collinses and  Lady Catherine de Bourgh remain true to the Austen originals , while a number of major and minor characters are created to flesh out the story which extends over some twenty five years.

During this time, Romance, intrigue and tragedy are all on the menu, as they were in Austen’s own novels, but without the contrivances and distortions that spoil many recent sequels.

While she makes no attempt to imitate the unique Austen style there is a superb evocation of the atmosphere of dalliance and decorum that marked the era.



Reader Helene of California comments-

Many thanks Rebecca Ann for your interesting characters, intriguing stories and excellent historical context in the Pemberley Chronicles. I have rarely been so enthralled by a set of “ Historical Romances” before_ I do hope there will be more to follow...



Jenny Scott of the UK- author of "After Jane" and reviewer of all Austen sequels- writes-

I have a complete collection of the sequels to Jane Austen’s novels and have read and written about them all. I have been particularly impressed by the novels of Rebecca Ann Collins . She has established a new genre with a saga which continues the lives of Jane Austen’s characters over a series of novels.

Importantly, she does not change the personalities of Jane’s characters and I believe Miss Austen would have approved of Ms Collins’ work.

It is unique in two aspects- she has created many new characters within the families bequeathed to us by Jane Austen and she has a gift for making these characters credible  and loved by her readers.

In The Pemberley Chronicles, some of her characters become involved in politics while others assist in efforts to promote health, education and welfare of the people living on their lands. The political and social events of England in the nineteenth century are carefully researched and woven into the lives of the characters in an authentic manner.



Reader Helen Stevens of UK and New Zealand- ( an avid Austen fan since the age of ten ) comments-

If anyone had told me that I would ever find another writer who could bring Jane Austen’s characters back to life and take them successfully into the next generation, I would have scoffed at the very idea. Yet with the Pemberley Chronicles series  Ms Collins has done exactly that  …….. without resorting to sensational scandals or vulgar exhibitionism, which is par for the course in the work of many writers of today. The characters Jane Austen created act out their lives in a world that was changing all around them, as ours is today. The author takes them through the perilous paths of 19th century England and brings us their stories and those of their children with authenticity of detail and elegance of style.  Thank you for a lovely experience.

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