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Rebecca Ann Collins

The Pemberley Chronicles Series


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Review - The Legacy of Pemberley

Goodbye my friends. I wish you all well. A review by Amy Zelenka /USA -

And so it is with a heartfelt post script, that author Rebecca Ann Collins closes her ten-book series, The Pemberley Chronicles, with The Legacy of Pemberley.


I have been thrilled to be privy to the lives of the characters that Collins both borrowed from Jane Austen and created on her own. With my “extended Derbyshire family,” I’ve experienced many emotional highs and lows. I will say that early-on in the series, Ms. Collins dropped a bombshell, which left me devastated for quite some time. And it was not without some feelings of PTSD that I opened her subsequent volumes (constantly fearing what additional surprises might lie ahead).


Unlike some of the earlier books in the series, Legacy took me a good while to read… not because the plot moved slowly, and not because it’s Holiday Season, which is always very busy. I think that I subconsciously prolonged my reading, because I was not yet ready to say goodbye.


Legacy brings us back into the daily lives of our friends the Darcys, Bingleys, and Fitzwilliams, as well as their now grown children and grandchildren. Sadly, we must bid farewell to some of our favorite characters. But the story does not become weighed-down by their losses. Instead, Ms. Collins once again shows a gentle sense of humour, and once again reveals herself to be a standard-bearer for redemption and comeuppance.


As it ties up nearly every loose end that had heretofore existed in The Pemberley Chronicles, Legacy serves as almost a homily for rewarding the good and punishing the bad. Those who sow the seeds of Pride, Prejudice, and Greed, are ultimately dealt the fates that they deserve. And those characters whose lives are ruled by the values of Love and Loyalty, who spread good will and serve as role models for the community are rewarded with happiness and contentment.


We see also that the younger generation has both the character and skills to

continue the great traditions that are the real “Legacy of Pemberley”

On nearly the last page of the book, series patriarch Fitzwilliam Darcy sums

it up best as he addresses his wife of many years: “I think, Lizzy my dear,

we may safely entrust the future of Pemberley to our children. Do you

not agree?”  Needless to say… she agrees.


Amy Zelenka

USA, November 2010