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Rebecca Ann Collins

The Pemberley Chronicles Series


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Review - Netherfield Park Revisited

Review from Book News /1999

Like the earlier volumes, in this book, the author reflects but does not try to imitate the work of Jane Austen.

She has borrowed characters and locations freely, but avoids the pitfalls of trying to recreate the mannered Austen style. Instead, she affects a nineteenth century period style  and draws upon a wide range of historical, social and political events to create a colourful backdrop for her story.

In Netherfield Park Revisited, the attention is concentrated upon Jonathan Bingley- one of the most credible characters she has created . Son of Jane and Charles Bingley, he is a fine upstanding young man with strong principles  and deep feelings, and there is a far more complex destiny in store for him than for his amiable father.

Faced with a disintegrating marriage and a series of practical and personal problems, he returns to Netherfield Park in an attempt to solve them- but finds they have been compounded.

Anna Faulkner- an accomplished  young woman of elegance and taste adds the romantic interest to this unusual love story , while the Darcys and Bingleys – from the pages of Pride and Prejudice- provide both  advice and commentary.

A very Austenian hero- Jonathan Bingley  must resolve his difficulties while maintaining the standards and principles that are part of Jane Austen’s world view.   Readers who like their romance with a historical flavor will enjoy this third volume in the Pemberley series



Jenny Scott ( author of After Jane and reviewer of all Jane Austen Sequels  ) comments-

I found it difficult to put down Rebecca Ann Collins’ third book in the Pemberley series, in which Jonathan Bingley , son of Jane and Charles Bingley  is the  central character.



Andrea of Melbourne, Victoria writes-

Netherfield Park is a wonderful love story, in which a passionate man with a strong social conscience struggles to balance the demands of his work and marriage.

Jonathan Bingley is one of the best, most credible characters in the Pemberley Series and his efforts to deal with

the consequences of his and other peoples actions lie at the heart of the story .

Set in Victorian England, at a time of great social and political change, this novels traces the unraveling of a marriage and the making of another more passionate and enduring union.  Strong consistent characters, lively dialogue and a believable plot make this a most enjoyable novel.

I enjoyed it immensely and I am sure Ms Collins’ many fans will do so too.