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Rebecca Ann Collins

The Pemberley Chronicles Series


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Review - Mr Darcy's Daughter

Review By Book News 2001.

Rebecca Ann Collins could not let the 225th anniversary of Jane Austen’s birth pass without a tribute. Hers is in the form of a fifth volume in the popular Pemberley Series- Mr Darcy’s Daughter.

Instead of doing as some other writers of sequels have done- producing strange tales of intrigue and romance which bear no resemblance to the original, Ms Collin uses accurate historical material to background and develop characters and themes, as she weaves a series of interesting stories with an authentic flavor.



Mary Anne Jones ( a teacher and Austen enthusiast of Melbourne, Victoria ) wrote-

Dear Ms Collins,  When one of my pupils brought in a copy of MR Darcy’s Daughter, I thought- “ Oh no, not another rotten sequel to poor Jane Austen’s classic masterpiece!  Having seen some of the very worst examples of Plagiarism and Pastiche- passed off as sequels, I couldn’t bear the thought of another! However, my 17 year old high school student, a faithful Janeite, persuaded me to try it.

I started reading it on the train going home and could not put it down until I finished it at 2am in the morning.

Since then I have read the rest of the series and have re-read Mr Darcy’s Daughter. It remains my favourite, but I love them all. Thank you very much for the Pemberley Series . ( Melbourne  2001)



Jenny Scott  ( UK- Author of “After Jane” )

Cassandra Darcy has become a favourite of many readers and in this book ( Mr Darcy’s Daughter )  her character comes up to expectations. She is indeed her father’s daughter. I thoroughly enjoyed this fifth volume in the Pemberley Series and I hope Ms Collins’ pen is busy on another sequel.



Beverly Wong ( author Of Pride and Prejudice, Prudence and regular reviwer on amazon.com ) writes-

Of all Ms Collins’ characters, Cassy Darcy is one of my favourites. A strong and complex heroine, not unlike her mother- Lizzy, Cassy must overcome many trials in life. Yet she is a consistently stable and mature

character throughout the novel.

The reader will discover that Mr Darcy’s Daughter is a delicate and intricate blend of love, honour, trial and duty. The convincing plot engulfs all these complex issues...and each adroitly constructed chapter leaves you anticipating what the next one will hold.

A truly “capital” read.  I surmise that Miss Austen herself will have been well pleased.