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Rebecca Ann Collins

Recollections of Rosings


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Recollections of Rosings is the story of two remarkable sisters, whose relationship recalls Jane Austen’s own tales of Elizabeth and Jane Bennet or Elinor and Marianne Dashwood.


It is also a complex love story, exploring both young love and mature emotion, with understanding and compassion.


Catherine Harrison and Becky Tate- daughters of Charlotte Lucas and Mr Collins grew up in the shadows of Rosings Park- domain of the formidable Lady Catherine de Bourgh. As adults, their lives diverge dramatically as Catherine remains at Rosings – a modest Parson’s wife, while Becky marries publisher-Anthony Tate and enters the world of politics and social influence.


When a catastrophe at Rosings brings Becky back to her sister, they clash as they are forced to confront each other’s problems and the ghosts from their past- including the facts about Lady Catherine’s cruelty. When a former employee of Lady Catherine returns to Rosings and the truth emerges, the sisters come to understand and support each other, but is it too late for each to find true happiness?

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