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Rebecca Ann Collins

Postscript from Pemberley


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An unconventional newcomer brings the threat of scandal to Pemberley. Postscript from Pemberley is the story of Darcy Gardiner, Julian Darcy, Jessica Courtney and Kate O’Hare.  Kate is not a typical Victorian woman. Her intelligence, vivacity and beauty captivate all those around her, including the young and handsome Darcy Gardiner.


Her friendship with Jessica Courtney draws her into the Pemberley Circle.  Will her charm and wit be enough to banish the shadows of her past?


Meanwhile, the story of Julian Darcy ( son of Mr and Mrs Darcy ) continues- with his return to Pemberley following the death of his wife Josie and the novel explores the relationships between these four interesting andattractive young people using the superb background of life at Pemberley and some of the beloved characters from the original novel as well.


Two love stories for the price of one


“Inventive plot lines, credible characters and an engaging style... add to this an enviable knowledge of the culture of the period and a sensitive appreciation of the values and traditions that underlie the novels of Jane Austen and it is not difficult to understand the popularity of her work.”  - BOOK NEWS

The Pemberley Chronicles