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Rebecca Ann Collins

My Cousin Caroline


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In My Cousin Caroline, the author returns to Pride and Prejudice to borrow two minor characters – Colonel Fitzwilliam and Caroline Gardiner and proceeds to explore the development of Caroline from a pretty, rather pert young girl into a woman of intelligence and passion. The daughter of Mr and Mrs Gardiner, who embody many of Jane Austen’s own values, Caroline has the advantage of an ideal upbringing. Yet, she has a lot to learn and we can observe her progress in life, intricately woven through the time line of the five previous novels of the series.


Many of the original characters- Mr Darcy, Elizabeth, Mr and Mrs Bennet and the Wickhams all move through the story as Caroline, falls in love, marries, raises her children and deals with a range of personal and practical crises in her life and that of her family.


Her romantic streak and her spirited advocacy of Reformist causes, poses some risks, but Caroline rejects the conventional role of the compliant Victorian woman and demonstrates her strength and intelligence. Whether she is called upon to counsel her young daughter or to sort out a problem in


her father’s business, Caroline’s capacity is never in doubt; nor is her deep love for her beloved Colonel and their family. A warm and endearing character with a fascinating story of life in 19th century England, Caroline is sure to be a favourite among the fans of Rebecca Ann Collins.

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