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Rebecca Ann Collins

The Pemberley Chronicles Series


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First Impressions - Some Reader's Views

Karen from Melbourne Victoria, wrote-

Dear Rebecca Collins, how do you do it? I have loved Pride and Prejudice all my life and read all about Jane Austen’s life and I never thought to find a modern writer who would  bring all my favourite characters back to life and place them so perfectly in the background of Pemberley and Victorian England….so I was thrilled to find your books. I am simply thrilled by the way you tell a story and draw the readers into the lives of the characters.



Debbie of Maryland, USA  wrote-

I have just finished reading the Pemberley Series and I must tell you every spare moment of my very busy days was spent reading these lovely books! I had to know what happened and Could not put them down. Every story was a gem. When I got to the end- I was disappointed, because there was not another episode to look forward to!


Helen Stevens of UK and now of New Zealand said-

If anyone had told me that I would ever find a writer who would bring Jane Austen’s characters back to life and take them successfully to the next generation, I would have scoffed at the very idea. Yet, with your Pemberley series, you have done exactly that and what great pleasure you have given me!



Jean-Anne Johnson, Vancouver Canada wrote-  

Since reading The Pemberley Chronicles in 1998, I have become an avid fan of Rebecca Ann Collins. I cannot say enough about this author’s ability to draw one into the life and times of the characters originally created by Jane Austen and whose lives have been chronicled by Miss Collins in her intriguing stories.



Helene of California wrote-  

Many thanks Rebecca Ann, for your interesting Pemberley novels-  I am quite astonished at the depth of information as well as the remarkable accuracy of your characterisation, especially when you adopt one of Jane Austen’s characters and extend their life into a new era.  I have rarely been so enthralled by a series of historical

romances before.



Margaret Wallace of Newcastle  exclaimed-

Rebecca Ann Collins, where have you been all these days? I have only just found two of your lovely books- The Pemberley Chronicles and My Cousin Caroline  - and I loved both! Now I discover there is a whole series! Where can I get them? Please oblige?



From the three sisters of the Chapman family  -

We three sisters emigrated from England and we all love Jane Austen’s books, especially Pride and Prejudice. We have read and loved all the Pemberley novels and wish to say how much we appreciate the way you have re-created the characters of Jane Austen and the world in which they lived. Thanks again for your wonderful work.

Rebecca Ann's Notebook






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