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Rebecca Ann Collins

The Pemberley Chronicles Series


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Fan Mail


Dear Rebecca Collins,

I am desolated to discover that we have come to the end of the lovely Pemberley Series, but in spite of the sadness, I want to tell you how much I and my three daughters- fourteen, seventeen and twenty - have enjoyed these books and especially the final volume- Legacy of Pemberley. With its very tender conclusion it completes a superb set of stories of the great Pemberley families.

Thank you very much for giving such a fine insight into the many interesting characters and social environment of nineteenth century England, which is so different to ours today. When we read these books ( and we read them together just like they did in Jane Austen's day ) we always comment on the way you have reproduced the atmosphere of each of the families so accurately, it seems like we are actually there in the midst of their homes,

listening to their conversations.

We have been fans of this series since they first appeared in the 1990s- and when they were reprinted by your new publisher Sourcebooks Inc- we just could not resist purchasing the new editions, which were so beautiful. They have pride of place in our family library.

Many congratulations on your wonderful work, and I we do hope you intend to write some more books in future.


Jeanette Holmes and girls - Sharon, Melanie and Lauren





Dear Ms Collins,

I've never done a review or written to an author before, but I have been so charmed by your series of Pemberley novels, I thought I must put pen to paper. As an avid reader of Austen and Dickens I enjoyed your books very much and wanted to tell you why.

I am in my early fifties- a woman in middle age, with a memory of a

childhood spent in the English county of Kent before my family emigrated to Australia, which is one of the reasons why I have so loved your books. They take me back to the country of my birth, which you describe so well that I feel I am there in the midst of the Victorian age- when " England's green and pleasant land" was under threat- as it is today.

Another reason I love your books is the diversity of your characters- not all the heroes and heroines are young and nubile! Among the handsome young men and slender young women are some genuinely older men and women, who also have the capacity to fall in love and find happiness- sometimes after tragedy or loss. Characters like Catherine Collins and Becky Tate are a refreshing change from most modern youth centred novels. These women are strong and interesting in their own right and their men appreciate them for what they are. It certainly appealed to me and I know it must attract many middle aged readers, who feel left out of modern trendy novels.


All the very best for the future,

Joanne Johnson

NSW/ Australia

Readers regret the end of the Pemberley Series

My dear Miss Collins,

My name is Jenny Brooks. I am sixty three years old, a retired teacher of Literature and Composition and a devotee of Jane Austen, George Elliot and Charles Dickens- to my dying day. I am visiting Australia from the UK and staying with friends in Victoria. This Christmas,  a niece who lives and works in the US sent me the first six books of your Pemberley Chronicles , which I have read and re- read with such pleasure, that I had to write to tell you all about it. A kind assistant at the local library checked out your Australian publisher and obtained your address for me.

I am not usually a reader of sequels to classic novels- having been bitterly disappointed in some recent titles- especially Austen sequels. However, when I received the Pemberley Chronicles, their general appearance, the stylish covers and production as well as the excellent reviews they had received, enticed me to begin reading and I’m afraid, I cannot tell a lie, they have me completely hooked. I confess I simply love them. If I may borrow a famous line from the bard- “How do I love (them)-  let me count the ways......”

I love everything about them, beginning with the concept of observing the characters of Pride and Prejudice as they leave small town Meryton society and venture into the complex world of Georgian  and Victorian England. The authenticity of your writing is excellent and being English, I am amazed at its historical and social accuracy. Congratulations on your research.

I love the way you develop the characters of Elizabeth and Mr Darcy, Jane and Bingley, Colonel Fitzwilliam, the Bennets, the Gardiners, Lady Catherine de Bourgh, Mr Collins and many others, always using the clues that Jane Austen  provides to her characters. When you add new characters, like Jonathan Bingley Richard Gardiner and   Cassandra Darcy, they fit perfectly into the context, and are seamlessly incorporated into the story; I had to remind myself from time to time, that they were not all part of the  original cast of Jane Austen’s  novel.

The second and third generations of Pemberley characters are so well drawn, I am fascinated by the insight you show into the circumstances and characters of all these people, as they move from one era to the next.

I loved particularly your exploration of the relationships between characters- parents and children, sisters and brothers, friends and lovers, all delicately and sensitively described through narrative and dialogue.

I also loved the intriguing but very credible plots you have devised, keeping well within the boundaries of what may well have happened in Regency and Georgian times, to families of the class and social standing of the Darcys, Bingleys, Bennets and Gardiners- each drawn from a different social group in English society of that period

Most of all I must say that I love your narrative style , the use of a beautiful, genteel nineteenth century style, which retains the decorum and manners of the period in all aspects of life from polite conversation between strangers to the intimate dialogues of lovers in courtship and marriage, without a trace of the coarseness and vulgarity that destroys one’s pleasure in much modern writing. Together with the subtle humour and social commentary, it added greatly to my pleasure in reading the Pemberley chronicles

I could say much more , but I would probably be repeating what many other readers have said, so let me finally say how wonderfully refreshing an experience it has been to read the first six episodes of the Pemberley chronicles and how much I am looking forward to the rest of this charming series.

Dear Miss Collins, your success is very well deserved. Please do go on writing as many more novels as you wish. I shall read them all.


With my very best wishes,


Jenny Brooks .

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