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Rebecca Ann Collins

Expectations of Happiness

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ExpectationsOfHappiness - Selected

Expectations of Happiness – a companion volume to Jane Austen’s  Sense and Sensibility devised and compiled  by Rebecca Ann Collins.  


The title is taken from Sense and Sensibility – “that sanguine expectation of happiness that is happiness itself...”  Jane Austen 1811.


Two hundred years after the publication of Sense and Sensibility,  Rebecca Ann Collins revisits  the  Dashwood family, picking up where the original  novel ends.  Imagining the lives of the three sisters in the second decade  of the 19th century, Internationally bestselling author of the Pemberley Series , acclaimed for historical authenticity and accurate  emulation of Jane Austen’s own values, as well as the depth of her depiction of the complex and evolving society of the day, Rebecca Ann Collins takes a particular interest in what life was like for women in that era.


In revisiting the Dashwood sisters- Ms Collins explores the pleasures and pitfalls  in the paths of Elinor, Marianne and Margaret. Faithful to the character  traits  of each – as defined by Austen, Ms Collins is interested in  what happens  when one restless young woman risks destroying her marriage,  while another spirited girl grows into an attractive and passionate young person who defies society’s rules  for Love and is prepared to face the consequences.  


Set in the south of England, with remarkable authenticity of style and character that is a hall mark of her work, spiced with wit and gentle humour,  this is a family drama true to the spirit of Jane Austen.  

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