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Rebecca Ann Collins

A Woman of Influence


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Contrary, opinionated and headstrong, she is no typical Victorian lady.


Becky Collins, second daughter of Charlotte Lucas and Mr Collins  has always been determined not to submit to the pressures of Victorian society. But, her marriage to wealthy publisher Anthony Tate doesn’t bring her the outcome she had hoped for and her outspokenness does not find favour with the more gentrified ladies of Pemberley


As the unintended consequences of her errors of judgment engulf her, Becky begins to understand what is really important in life; but, has she learned her lessons too late to find genuine happiness?


If you love Jane Austen and her characters.... if you enjoy a love story spiced with history and subtle social comment.... even if simply love a good read- pick up this volume of Rebecca Ann Collins’ Pemberley Chronicles..... Lovely novels written from the heart.....you’ll be glad you did.

The Pemberley Chronicles